​Kim Hope (photography, all media)

​Carolyn Jones (fused glass/resin)

​Sandy McGregor (painting, mixed media)

The Creative Arts Center

200 W 5th Street, Bonham, TX 75418

A project of the Fannin Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit

Our Artist Community

Artist of the Month

The Creative Arts Center is proud to display three members' art each month at two venues in our community. We are grateful to Legend Bank and TMC Bonham Hospital for supporting the arts and our artists. 

Our Artists of the Month for July are:

​At Legend Bank - Kimberly Packard

At TMC Bonham (the Cafe) - Jerry Panter and Loretha Riales


​          For most artists, the most difficult aspect of their passion is the marketing of their work. Some media do not lend themselves to internet sales – for instance, a painting often loses much of its appeal when it’s reduced to a thumbnail-sized photo on a computer screen.

            As the marketing representative for over 70 member artists, the Creative Arts Center is distinctly different, since we are not just a gallery - we are a cultural center with a wide variety of activities. We do the work for the artists, bringing guests into the gallery with our many events. If a potential buyer is unsure about a purchase, we point out some options. If they are seeking a particular kind of art, we bring out any pieces they might be interested in. In other words, we actively “sell” when any potential buyer walks in the door. And our gallery commission is only 20%.

            Our artist family is a diverse group, composed of painters, printmakers, photographers, wood craftsmen, glass artists, jewelry makers, fiber artists and more who call the Creative Arts Center home.