Social Distancing, 18 x 24 Acrylic by Bonnie Bledsoe, $75.00

Day of 3's in Small County Town 4/20/20, 20" square Acrylic by Diana Young, $55.00

Golden Evening Glow, 20 x 24 Oil framed to 25 x 32 by Dean Todd, $350.00

The Creative Arts Center

200 W. 5th Street, Bonham, TX 75418

​A project of the Fannin Community Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit

The Old Sycamore Tree, 12 x 36 Acrylic  by Bonnie Bledsoe, $100.00

Badlands Refugee, 24" x 30" Acrylic by Chris Cravens, $300.00

Frozen Cove, 8 x 10 Acrylic framed to 13 x 15 by Dean Todd, $55.00

Fort Robinson Longhorn, 8 x 10 photo framed to 14 x 17 by Cindy Boyce, $60.00

Fannin Co. Tornado, 11 x 14 WC & Acrylic, framed, by Chris Cravens, $100.00

Twilight on Leanard Pond, 8 x 10 photo, framed to 12 x15 by Duncan Berry, $30.00

Mendenhall Glacier 2010 - Before the Great Melt, 11 x 16 photo by Paula Brennecke, framed to 18 x 22, $75.00

Big Sky, Hwy 189, Utah, 11 x 14 photo framed to 18 x 22, by Paula Brennecke, $75.00

They Went Far Away, 8" x 10 photo, framed to 12 x 15 by Duncan Berry, $30.00

Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona, 11 x 14 photo framed to 20 x 24 by Paula Brennecke, $95.00

Soft Spring Texas Morning, 10.5 x 13.5 WC framed to 15 x 19, by Chris Cravens, $125.00

Currently in the Gallery - The Distance Exhibit

Thank you to all the artists who entered. Call the center if you wish to purchase any piece of art or would like to see more photographs. (Measurements are in inches.) Any artwork framed behind glass is very difficult to photograph because of glare - we have posted  those works as framed/presented and most with an additional image of the actual photo so you can view it better. ENJOY!! Great Mother's Day idea!. 

Sunset Over Lake Crook,18 x 24 painting framed to 22 x 29, by Steve Boyce, $575.00

Sally's Pond in Fog, 10 x 13 photo, framed to 17 x 21, by Duncan Berry, $30.00

Fox in Bluebonnets, 20 x 24 Acrylic & Oil framed to 26 x 29,  by Chris Cravens, $250.00

Lone Horse, 8 x 10 photo, framed to 14 x 17, by Cindy Boyce, $60.00

Night Fishing, 8 x 10 Photo by Cindy Boyce  Framed to 14 x 17 - $60.00

Gone But Not Forgotten, 11 x 14 Acrylic framed to 15 x 19, by Steve Boyce, $275.00

Three Gossips, 16 x20 photo, framed to 25 x 29, by Cindy Boyce - $200.00

The Peak Belonging to Pike, 14 x 19 photo framed to 22 x 28, by Julie Stephenson, $100.00

Coming in June - our annual Photography Show

More info at the bottom of this page.

Interested in any of the art? Call us at 903-640-2196. We can send you more photos and answer questions and take a credit card over the phone.

2020  Exhibit Schedule - Tentative, in view of Covid 19 Concerns

(all media accepted unless otherwise noted)

​JANUARY 10 - 31                     Selfies - express your "self" (the art doesn't have to include your face)

FEBRUARY 7 - 29                     Cats - art must feature some type of cat in the piece

MARCH 6 - 28                           The Woodlands - flora and fauna of the woods

APRIL 3 - 25                              The Eyes Have It - eyes must be featured in the piece

MAY 1 - June 13                        At A Distance - any type of distance (far off landscapes to social distancing)

June 19 - July 17                       Photography Show (Photography entries only - this show will be judged!)

​                                                   In the gallery - New Work by Artist Members (submit 6/10-6/17)

August 7 - 29(tentative)              Art du Soleil - art must feature the sun (art festival is tentatively August 15)

September 4 - October 9           Annual Art Show & Contest, Judging/reveal September 4, 5 PM

October 16 - Thanksgiving        Celebrate Autumn - includes fall themes

December 4 - January 2            TBA           

Walking the Kiamichi, 14 x 18 Acrylic, framed to 18 x 22, by Steve Boyce, $375.00

A Misty Morning, 12 x 16 Acrylic framed to 16 x 20, by Steve Boyce, $325.00

Distant Beauty, 8"x 8" framed Acrylic by Lisa Avila, $40.00

Keep Your Distance, 16 x 20" Acrylic by Lisa Avila, $150.00


Fiddle in the Holler, 24 x 30 Acrylic  by Chris Cravens, $225.00

Annual June Photography Exhibit - a judged contest. Digital entries only.

Every now and then, we have this exhibit judged and this seems like a good year for a photography contest! Our judge is professional photographer Terry Spearman from Pottsboro, Texas and not only will he be able to judge from his home, you can enter this show from yours!

Submit up to three photos, each in a jpg format. [Members, please do not submit any photo that has been judged here in a prior contest.] The cost is $25 per person for members and $35 per person for non-members. Entries may be submitted between Wednesday, June 10 and Wednesday, June 17.  No exceptions - no late entries. Photos will be posted online here on June 19 and judged during the weekend. Winners - First, Second and Third place - will be posted Tuesday or Wednesday, June 23 or 24.  Please DO NOT send each photo as an extensively large file (2-3 MB per photo). We appreciate your patience since this is our first digital-only show. FEES MUST ACCOMPANY OR PRECEDE ENTRY. In other words, if you don't send us a check prior to sending your photo files, you will need to call that day and use a credit card over the phone. Of course, you may also come by the gallery to pay. Currently we are open Tuesday - Friday, 10-5. (For your safety and security, do not send a credit card number through an email.)

PRIZE MONEY TO FIRST, SECOND and THIRD - this will be a portion of the entry fees. The more entries, the higher the prize money. First place should be guaranteed at least $50.

Please copy and paste the statement below and put it into your email when you submit your photos. Your signature in the email will suffice in lieu of a hand written signature. 

By submitting the above listed artwork, I understand and will abide by all conditions set forth in the Rules as stated above this form and hold the CAC and its staff harmless from any and all claims as a result of my participation in this exhibit.

The rules are as follows. Please read carefully and then copy the above statement and place it in your email entry:

​*Limit 3 pieces per person. Photographs only.

*CAC members $25 per person. Non-members $35. Exhibit runs June 19 – July 25.

*All work must be original; that is, the photographs must be taken and (if applicable) also manipulated by the artist.

*If you are not a member of the Creative Arts Center, you must include your full name, address, email and phone number with your entry.

*CAC Director and Staff reserves the right to reject any work deemed inappropriate for any reason.

*Exhibitors must include the title. You may also lay a signature onto the image if you wish.  If you want to place a digital frame around the photo, that is also acceptable.

*Persons interested in purchasing your photograph will be asked to contact us and we will put them in touch with you. At that time, you can determine what type of presentation you will offer them and at what price. Please remember the 20% due to the Creative Arts Center.

*The Creative Arts Center, staff and volunteers will not be held responsible for damages as a result of participation.