Winners in our 2020 Photography Show/Contest are: 

1st Place - Luna X by Chris Cravens; 2nd Place - Water Drops by Debra Jones; 3rd Place - Untitled 12 by Joseph Dimonda

Honorable Mentions - Muddy Bronc Rider by Marian Kalka; RR Bridge by Jan Galland; Untitled by Penny Meyer; Untitled 23 by Joseph Dimonda; Once in a Lifetime Shot by Cindy Boyce

​CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS. Terry was "impressed with the high quality of the submissions."


Christmas Bubbles by Cindy Boyce

 And in the gallery now -

New Work from Our Member Artists

​All media and on exhibit through July 25

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone by Jan Galland

Abstract 3 by Tommy Stone

Single Rose by Bonnie Bledsoe

Next Exhibit - Art Du Soleil (art of the sun) in August to coincide with "a different kind of Red River Art Festival". Entries accepted July 29 - August 5. Artwork must include the sun. Exhibit goes up August 7 and runs through August 29. September is our Annual Art Show & Contest. Entry form here.

RR Bridge by Jan Galland

Untitled Moon by Nancy Shuler


Luna X by Chris Cravens

Bamboo Forest by Joseph Dimonda

Busy Bee by Cindy Boyce

The Last Time I Saw Her by Chris Cravens

Splash by Donna West

Before the Hunt by Jana Rash

If you are interested in purchasing a print of any of these photos, please contact the arts center and we will put you in touch with the artist.

You Can Call Me Daisy by Jana Rash

The Old Tree by Bonnie Bledsoe

Interested in any of the art? Call us at 903-640-2196. 

Flat Broke by Duncan Berry

A Life Well Lived by Penny Meyer

Hay Maker by Mike Devasher

Once in a Lifetime Shot by Cindy Boyce

Untitled Bird by Donna West

Strings on the Street by Paula Brennecke

Mt. Hayes by Jan Galland

Lichen Moose Man by Debra Jones

Luna 1 by Chris Cravens

Untitled by Penny Meyer

Untitled Pier by Donna West

Untitled 12 by Joseph Dimonda

Bringing in the Remuda by Marian Kalka

Untitled 23 by Joseph Dimonda

The Hound and the Sea by Julie Stephenson

Study in Black and White by Mike Devasher

Drops on Stalks by Debra Jones

The Good Life by Julie Stephenson

Shorebirds by

Julie Stephenson

Woodworker by Penny Meyer

White Rose by Bonnie Bledsoe

Ramapo RFD by Duncan Berry

Baby the Rain by Tommy Stone

Rockwellian Photographers Delight by Paula Brennecke

Water Drops by Debra Jones

Early Winter Morning by Mike Devasher

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Spiney by Paula Brennecke

The Waterin Hole by Marian Kalka

Tiger by Duncan Berry

Muddy Bronc Rider by Marian Kalka

Untitled Bird by Nancy Shuler

Untitled Foliage by Nancy Shuler

2020  Exhibit Schedule - Tentative, in view of Covid 19 Concerns

(all media accepted unless otherwise noted)

​JANUARY 10 - 31                     Selfies - express your "self" (the art doesn't have to include your face)

FEBRUARY 7 - 29                     Cats - art must feature some type of cat in the piece

MARCH 6 - 28                           The Woodlands - flora and fauna of the woods

APRIL 3 - 25                              The Eyes Have It - eyes must be featured in the piece

MAY 1 - June 13                        At A Distance - any type of distance (far off landscapes to social distancing)

June 19 - July 25                       Photography Show (Photography entries only - this show will be judged!)

​                                                  In the gallery - New Work by Artist Members 

August 7 - 29                             Art du Soleil - art must feature the sun (art festival is August 15)

September 4 - October 9           Annual Art Show & Contest, Judging September 4

October 16 - Thanksgiving        Celebrate Autumn - includes fall themes

December 4 - January 2            TBA           

Untitled by Tommy Stone

Music Man by Jana Rash